Guide to building a skatepark

About the Skatepark Building Guide

This guide is for the benefit of council departments and private companies who are planning to build a skatepark. Our aims are:

– to prevent the many common mistakes and serious flaws that we have previously seen

– to help you to design a skatepark that will provide the maximum benefit to its users over a long period of time,

– to promote safety in the design of the skatepark

– to suggest layouts that help to prevent collisions between the users of the skatepark,

– to help you to make the most of the funds that are being spent, and to prevent money from being wasted.

This guide is written with the help of highly experienced BMX riders and skateboarders who participate in these activities regularly and have travelled to numerous skateparks throughout the UK and in Europe. It is currently a work in progress. Please keep checking back while we continue to add information.